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One of Armenia's little known attractions is situated at the top of Ughtasar Mountain. Apart from the magnificent view of the mountain and the small lake, there is also an abundance of prehistoric petroglyphs that are some 4-7 thousand years old. The images carved on these rocks are mostly animals that once existed in Armenia (among them not only horses and goats, but also mufflons, panthers, lions and bears), as well as hunters and hunting/fighting instruments like bows and arrows, spears and shields. 

Shaki Waterfall
Being a truly inspiring sight showcasing both the immaculate beauty and power of nature, Shaki is at the same time Armenia's highest waterfall with a height of 18 m. It is situated 6 km to the north-west of Sisian, on the left bank of Vorotan River. 

Vorotnavank Monastery Complex is located between Vaghatin and Vorotan villages, on a ridge overlooking the Vorotan River Gorge. The complex consists of 2 churches, Surb Stepanos and Surb Karapet. The older and main church, Surb Stepanos was built in 1000 AD by Queen Shahandukht, while the adjoining Surb Karapet was constructed some 6-7 years later by her son, Sevada. Hovhan Vorotnetsi, 14th century Armenian philosopher, theologian, as well as founder of Tatev Vardapetaran University lived and worked at the monastery. 

Melik Tangi Bridge and Vorotnaberd 
Built in 1855 by Melik Tangi of Syunik over the Vorotan River, this bridge is situated about 20 km to the east of Sisian, beneath the ruins of once-powerful Vorotnaberd fortress. The latter has been conquered and freed several times starting from 450 AD when it was freed by Vardan Mamikonyan, through a period under the power of Seljuks and then Timur Leng (Tamerlane), up to the 18th century when Davit Bek freed it from Melik Baghri.

Among other tourism attractions are Sisavan, Aghitu Monument and the most famous sightseeings of the area, Tatev Monastery and Zorats Karer (Karahunj).

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