For your convenience we have provided an online reservation form on our website, with which you can reserve rooms with us, stating the type of room, time of visit you prefer and other details. Please click here to proceed to the form. 
Among our services, we offer pick-up (and drop-off) services, guided walking and driving tours for groups that come from the capital without a tour agent. 

We have also established contacts with international tour agents like Joker Travel from Belgium, which bring tourist groups to Sisian without the mediation of travel agencies from Yerevan. In addition, we have direct contacts with individual agents in UK, who also organize tours to the Sisian area. 

At our restaurant with cozy wooden interior we offer various meals from traditional Armenian cuisine. We bake fresh “Lavash” bread at our “Tonratun” bakery and even suggest our guests taking part in the process. 

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