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Welcome to Basen Hotel, the right place to start discovering the hidden treasures of Armenia. Staying at our hotel, you are sure to enjoy every moment of your rest and every beautiful corner of the amazing nature surrounding Sisian. 

Basen Hotel consists of 23 rooms, most of which are located in newly built cottages. We also have a restaurant, which is very much a traditional one – cozy wooden interior with Armenian design elements, as well as a “Tonratun” bakery for baking “Lavash” bread and for entertaining our guests by making them part of the process. 

To make your pastime more interesting, we cooperate with local painters and ceramists and organize exhibitions and sales of their works at our hotel. We also cooperate with local bands and organize their concerts whenever our guests are interested. 

We are happy to acknowledge that there’s a positive tendency in that the number of bookings for 2012 has so far increased by about 50% compared to last year’s same period. However, we know that there is still much room for growth. Building another cottage with 7 rooms is in our upcoming plans, which also include building a conference room equipped with hi-tech sound system in the main building. 

We are sure you will enjoy your stay and will want to come back for more. 

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